Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Happy Birthday Anna (& Appelsbosch update)

Yesterday was Anna's 9th birthday. We travelled for over an hour through magnificant country to the mall at Pietermaritzburg (and saw bush buck, ostrich and monkeys on the way), and then had a very pleasant day, me buying tools and supplies for the Land Rovers and Sally and the kids buying clothes. We had some great steak for lunch in the Spurs - oh how I love that place - and Sally bought me some socks!

Meanwhile, progress at settling-in at Appelsbosch has slowed down; all the offices and set up, but we can't access the Mercy Ships network or email on our computers yet. And the Academy went back to school today, after a week's break for the move. Today it is cold, damp and drizzly. Come on sun! Olly

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The Harris' said...

Happy birthday Anna.