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Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Water Off

Its our second day without a water tanker delivery to Appelsbosch. This means that we have no running cold water. The only water we have available is from the hot taps, which comes from big storage tanks on the roofs. So we have to bucket flush the toilets with water from the hot tap:

and drink the water from the hot tap (yuk!), and wash in it if its not already too hot already. Praise God for the tanks on the roof, although they will be running dry if we don't get a delivery soon. Please pray for rain. The countryside is parched, and the farmers are facing a serious problems if the spring rains don't come soon. We need the water table to rise again, quickly. Olly


Andrew said...

Hi Olly, suffering from hot flushes then? lol, Andy.

Anonymous said...

last week I found a tag "Liquids Only" Like your bucket flush it does bring back some good memories...
Hope you are enjoying S-Africa. We would love to be there to.. thanks for sharing your toughts on your blog, I try to read it almost every day... send our greetings to all we know... Marcel Annette Joyce Norah and Danique