Monday, 7 June 2010

Real alarm

Monday 10.30am: about half an hour ago the crew alert alarm sounded, and the Captain announced over the PA system "this is NOT a drill; the fire is in the galley" but evidently a sprinkler had been knocked and activated, and we were stood down. Since we were all in our fire gear anyway, and we were the nearest team to the galley, we went to help the clear-up...only to find the sprinkler was still shooting out water which the Rapid Response Team and some galley crew were catching with dustbins - one waiting; one being filled and one being emptied. So I went to help, and got thoroughly soaked as I relieved the galley crew and held the bins, whilst Jens the carpenter tried to stop the flow of water with wooden pegs. If only I had my camera with me! D'oh. Anyway, the Engineers turned off the sprinklers, and the water was swept into drains that leak, so there is now a clean-up operation underway on Deck 5, just under the galley. D'oh again. Olly

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