Sunday, 13 June 2010

New Land Rovers

On Friday we took delivery of two brand new Land Rover Defender 110 Station Wagons, supplied by Foleys in the UK and donated by friends of the Swiss office. I spent the morning yesterday pealing-off all the shipping labels, and putting on our own Mercy Ships stickers. We will get them registered in Togo over the course of the coming week, and then they can be put to serious use. This brings our fleet up to 29: 22 Land Rovers and 7 Nissan Patrols, and yes, we still have some of the oldies from the ANA including #077, #333, #376, #482 and #993 - I'll be happier when they are retired! Olly

Above, fresh out of the Customs compound.

Above, on goes the Mercy Ships sticker.

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jEsSiCa CaMpBeLl said...

Has the dental team been assigned to any of the upgraded vehicles? :)