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Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Air conditioning

First: the old air conditioning system on the Africa Mercy was tired and worn out; then God sent Jeff and Bowie! These two graduates of Hold 4 on the Anastasis have recently torn apart ducting to clean out the blockages, thus increasing the airflow to our cabin by about 200%. The air temperature has plummeted from 28 degrees to 24, at last! Very pleasant, and just what I need after a hot day working on the dock. Thank you, Jeff & Bowie! Olly

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Rain said...

Air conditioner is very helpful and important to us during warm time especially when were from a hot work. It relaxes and comforted us. Though having an a/c unit in our house eats too much energy but still we used it for it is the only thing that can comfort ourselves. I uses split system in our house and It really consume great electric energy and my bill is so big but still okay, the important is I was comforted everytime I'm wet and feeling warm.