Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Air conditioning

First: the old air conditioning system on the Africa Mercy was tired and worn out; then God sent Jeff and Bowie! These two graduates of Hold 4 on the Anastasis have recently torn apart ducting to clean out the blockages, thus increasing the airflow to our cabin by about 200%. The air temperature has plummeted from 28 degrees to 24, at last! Very pleasant, and just what I need after a hot day working on the dock. Thank you, Jeff & Bowie! Olly


Rain said...

Air conditioner is very helpful and important to us during warm time especially when were from a hot work. It relaxes and comforted us. Though having an a/c unit in our house eats too much energy but still we used it for it is the only thing that can comfort ourselves. I uses split system in our house and It really consume great electric energy and my bill is so big but still okay, the important is I was comforted everytime I'm wet and feeling warm.

Curtis E. West said...

The AC produces comfort conditions in which the human beings tend to feel highly comfortable. In these conditions the working efficiency of the human beings becomes maximum; hence they are able to work with greater vigor.