Sunday, 6 June 2010


We've got a new family. A big one of adults in their mid twenties who are an absolute delight to be with, and keep Sally and I laughing for ages and feeling younger than we really are. Today we all spent the day cooking a big roast together, to celebrate Christmas and Thanksgiving early, as we will soon be split apart as parts of the family travel off around the world. Below, Julle and Jen (from Canada) and Sally prepare the carrots...

...and Alex (UK) and Tim (Australia) prepare the turkey...

...and a few other faces not already mentioned - Elliot (Canada), Liz (USA) and a bit of Sharon (USA).

Missing from the photos are Ben (UK), Murray (South Africa), Phil & Ali (Canada), and me, Noah, Anna and Libby. Thank you, Family, for the friendship, fellowship, late nights and laughs! Olly

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