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Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Commercial vehicle drivers protest in Lome

Lome, Togo - Lome, the Togolese capital, was paralyzed Tuesday following a strike by commercial vehicle drivers over rising fuel prices in the country, PANA reported here. Taxi drivers, armed with clubs, stones and other harmful objects, barricaded some roads in Lome, apparently to deter security forces from getting through to them.PANA reports that only pedestrians and some motorbike riders were seen moving around town as workers had difficulties getting to their offices.The striking drivers say the same government which increased fuel prices on Saturday had refused to allow them increase transport fares.Unable to continue subsidizing oil products, the Togolese government on Saturday increased prices from 505 CFA francs to 580 CFA francs per litre for lead-free p etrol, from 500 CFA francs to 575 CFA francs per litre of gas, and from 390 CFA francs to 475 CFA francs per litre of paraffin.However, the increase does not affect domestic gas that is still sold for 3,500 CFAF per 12.5-kilogramme cylinder. For original article, click here.

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