Friday, 15 October 2010

My Friday update

The new MAN generators are now inside the Africa Mercy, although not positioned or welded down yet. I understand that today she will be floated to allow the ship behind it to leave the dry dock, but to enable her to float the holes in her side must be welded closed, so I guess they wanted to just get the new generators in so they don't have to open the side up again later. Here a three photos of the new generators being craned onto the loading platform (courtesy of Chuck Dodgen):

Back to my photos: one of the new MAN generators, starboard side in old Frichs generator room (with the incinerator to the right of the photo):

...and one port side in the old harbour generator room, still waiting to be moved out of the ballast tank into its new home:

A bank of welding machines ready to weld down the new gennys:

And on the bridge: fancy new engine controls:

Meanwhile, some of the forward ballast tanks are being converted to store diesel, which involves sandblasting the inside of the tanks, and insulating the outsides with fire-proof material. To do so, all the walls and floors surrounding the tanks have been stripped away. Below, the Boutique, of which nothing is left except the original doorway.

All the black is the black-painted walls of the fuel tank. The cabins either side, and the weight room and the prayer room are similarly stripped out too. Below, did this used to be your cabin? Cabin 3423, similarly stripped out to allow fire-proof insulation of the floor. Can you see the original railway lines, previously hidden beneath the carpet and cement?

Below: Cabin 3414.

Below, E Ward full of furniture stripped out of 3423 and 3414, and old sinks from the wards.

Meanwhile, the nasty cupboards in the wards have been replaced with beautiful new ones (metal, I think, similar to those in the lab) that won't disintegrate in water. Below: Ward D's new sink:

S'all for now. Olly

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