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Friday, 22 October 2010

Blah blah shipyard blah blah blah

I've not been to the ship since Tuesday, but my mate Murray went yesterday and took these photos. Below, one of the two Sabro air conditioning compressors being removed from the engine room through a new hole in the ship's side. They will be replaced by two new Carrier air conditioning units, which are more effcicient to run, and being brand new are more reliable.

Below: the original Mercy Ships website address on the side of the ship was too small, so a bigger version has been painted on. Great. I wonder if they'll leave the old one there too.

Curiously though, the address has been painted on the forward part of the ship, starting at the bow, not mid-ships as seems to be usual on other ships:

Thanks Murray for these photos. To see more of Murray's blog, click on
Lastly, here's a photo of the whole Africa Mercy shipyard crew in the dry-dock, taken Tuesday (not by Murray). (Or me). Olly

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