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Friday, 1 October 2010

Dry dock 30th September 2010

Enjoy these photos of the Africa Mercy in Durban's dry dock. Click on each photo to enlarge.

Below: gangway goes straight to Deck 7.

Below, a well corroded zinc sacrificial anode.

Below, one of my favourite dive sites: main engine cooling water intakes, port side, mid-ships.

Below, the ship on blocks.

Below, the hole cut in the port side to remove the old generators. Those are the Frichs generators you can see inside.

Below, another of my favourite dive sites: the six a/c cooling intakes port side forward.

Below, the old forward rudder from the days when the Dronning Ingrid was more maneuverable, now welded shut.

Below, my all time favourite dive site. The old a/c cooling intake, starboard side directly under the gangway, and right on the bottom of the ship. Used to clog up all the time in Benin with plastic bags. Almost impossible to find in poor visibility.

Below, a 180 degree view of the harbour generator room facing forward.

Below: where the starboard side harbour genny USED to be. Now its all gone, leaving only the alternators.

Below, the two harbour gennys having been transported into the ballast tank besides the harbour generator room, waiting to be removed from the ship.

Below: the Frichs gennys, still in position, and beyond the hole cut in the port side.

Great! Olly

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Paul said...

thanks for all the photos Olly and the Peets. It's great to see how the work is progressing.
I wish I was there with you, I kinda miss the old Newcastle days welding and doing man stuff!!

give everyone my love!!