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Sunday, 20 December 2009

Tenerife YEAH!

The pilot came onboard at 7.30ish yesterday morning, and we were at our berth by 9am. I was part of the sideparty team - we lowered the gangway etc, and I was the first crew member to step on Spanish soil (and I was so grateful that I knelt down and kissed the ground!). What a relief it is to be here, after such an uncomfy sail. We spent until about mid-day unloading our vehicles, and then I got the afternoon off and we spent it in Santa Cruz's beautiful parks with the kids, sucking-in the coolness, the green trees, the green grass, the beautiful flowers and plants, the deep blue skies, and the mountains in the background. It's so good to be here. Our batteries are beginning to charge already. Today we're off to the Christmas carol concert with our good friends at Silencio Christian Fellowship, and then a leisurely day hanging out of the beach in Los Christianos. Tenerife weather is a bit iffy at this time of the year - sometimes sunny and hot; sometimes cloudy and windy and cool, but today looks good! Its currently cooler in the ship than outside. Photo of Captain Tim on the bridge wing during the arrival. Olly

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