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Thursday, 3 December 2009

Engineering (and black-out) update

Today our Engineers ran some pre-sail engine tests, only to find out that they were STILL overheating, despite the coolers being cleaned last Saturday. So guess what...yes, this coming Saturday we'll have ANOTHER black-out, as all the generators are turned off and those poor guys spend the day rodding out the coolers yet again. Please pray for them - for their strength and their patience. It's the time of year when the ship's engines are awakened from their ten-month slumber and weaknesses and breakdowns are found. Plus we're aware that our time in Benin has been a great success by all accounts and our enemy doesn't like that - I'm sure his followers are praying for our failure (like last time we left Benin on the Anastasis, when we had not one but TWO engine fires on the sail). Olly

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