Friday, 29 June 2007

Rainy season

Rainy season has really arrived. We have whole days when it rains all day long with no break. Our house is very dark and depressing, as we have no power for lights in the day time. The roof leaks in places, and everything is becoming covered in mould - outside walls are coated in grean mould, and the mould growing inside is black, and spreading over many things - furniture, books, even clothes in wardrobes! Evertthing is damp. At least it is warm. When I was at school I read a Graham Green novel about the same thing happening to some ex-pats living in West AFrica, not knowing that it was set in Liberia, and that one day I would be there too...Olly

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Eric Williams said...

Oh how true. The mold is an unstoppable force during Liberia's rains.

The house where I stayed was penetrated completely... clothes won't dry, books fuzz, and your hearing is dulled by the white noise of the rain.

I'll be glad when you're through it.

Here in Sudan, it's the dust that does the same. Everywhere, everything... tastes and smells the same.