Friday, 29 June 2007

Sally - arrested?

Sally was arrested (for the second time) on Tuesday lunchtime by a miserable Liberian policeman who obviously hates white women. His charge wasn't even genuine, but he expected Sally and the kids to accompany him to the police station where he could charge her for dangerous driving (in Liberia, where nearly every vehicle is unroadworthy and the drivers are not insured or licenced). Sally held her ground and refused to be intimidated, and more importantly refused to bribe him (which is really what he was after all along), and she was released after a short time. The very next day, the same thing happened to Casey, one of our house guests. I fear that law and order continues to be lacking in Liberia, and the police's new image provided by their shiny new uniforms has been short lived. Olly

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Loni said...

How scary for you Sally! I am thankful that all worked out well and you stood your ground! What a brave woman you are!! : )