Monday, 1 November 2010

Shipyard update Thursday 28th October 2010

The slow work of making the Africa Mercy a functioning ship continues. The four new MAN generators are now in position and being hooked up to fuel pipes, exhaust pipes and cables. Below is a shock absorber, on which the generator sits, which will help to reduce vibrations and noise. These shock absorbers critical to the project: without them, the new generators might create as much noise and nuisance as the old ones through vibrations.

Below, one of the two new Carrier air conditioning units, and (in the background) the hole in the ship's side through which they came.
Below, fireproof flooring with a layer of cement, going into cabin 3414 and neighbouring cabins.

Below, the smoke stack slowly changing shape, as six old exhaust pipes have been removed...
...(old exhaust pipes on the dock waiting to be taken away for scrap)... be replaced by four new exhaust pipes for the four new generators.

Below, all these pipes and valves have to go back into the ship and be reconnected in the right order, to carry diesel fuel, heavy fuel, fresh water, salt water etc etc.

Below, another big challenge, sorting out the wires coming from the bridge through the International Lounge:

And so the work continues. Good luck shipyard workers and AFM crew! Olly

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