Friday, 19 November 2010

Hair lock

Over the years Sally has tried many different styles with Libby's hair, from simple Afros to elaborate braids and extensions. But each style takes ages to do, and costs money, and only lasts for a couple of months. Enter Nanita: she has two Liberian daughters too, and has braid-locked their hair (like small dreadlocks), which will stay in the girls hair forever with minimum of maintenance, and will even grow as their hair grows. So today Nanita locked Libby's hair: it took over 8 hours, during which time Libby watched five movies whilst Nanita put in 187 braid-locks. Thank you so much, Nanita. Below, Libby with a simple 'fro before the braiding began:

Below, half way there:

Below, Libby and Nanita:

Below, the finished product.

It's a bit short at the moment, but as the hair grows the new hair can be locked into the original braids using something like a darning needle, and will get longer and longer. It is very low maintenance, and she can even shampoo it like real hair, which she couldn't do with normal braids or extensions. Great. A significant weight off Sally's mind! Olly


Caroline (and Ken) said...

So that's Noah and Libby's hair sorted for a bit. Libby's braids look really good. (I must admit, though, I liked Noah's hair a bit longer, I think it suited him, but feel free NOT to tell him, lol) Is Anna planning anything different with her hair? (not that I think she needs to, just thought with everyone else having a makeover, she might be thinking of a change). Miss you guys - at this time of year we'd usually be starting to think about you getting here. God bless you xx

beccaluvsafrica said...

I love it! Tell Libby I said he looks like a doll! Miss you guys! xx

Brenda Cole said...

Libby's hair look so cute to you all...we miss you. The Coles xxxx