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Friday, 5 November 2010


On Tuesday night, we were invaded by millions of big flying bugs (ants or termites). I have no idea why they all came at the same time on the same night, heading towards any light source and even squeezing through cracks in doors and windows. We had to retreat several times, firstly inside, then into the corridors, and then into our rooms as they breached our defences again and again like an invading army.

After only a few minutes of flying, their wings fell off and they hooked up with other bugs and mated, before the ladies crawled off to their holes to lay their eggs, I presume.

The next morning the whole area was covered in millions - nay, billions - of wings. 3 days later, the clean-up is still under way. Olly

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Beth said...

That happened to us while we were on outreach in Ghana. Of course it was my team's night to do the dishes, so we had to do them all again in the morning because they were covered in termite wings.

Makes you realize how awful the plague of locusts must have been!