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Monday, 23 August 2010

Things to do on a long and rough sail

1. Build an Africa Mercy in lego. Well done Mr Calvert for this excellent model, complete with crane and Tenerife-style mountains in the background.

2. Door anagrams. How many different words can you make out of "The Peet Family"?

(should say the fire team lad, but the "a" fell off)

3. Pirate Games: we spent Saturday dressed as pirates and enjoying a treasure hunt.

4. Olympic Games - we spent Sunday in teams playing the 2010 Africa Mercy McVities Hobnob* Olympic Games: here is Libby's team:

...and Anna's team (building a tower out of empty McVities Hobnob* boxes).

*We use Hobnobs to ward off sea-sickness.

Today it's back to work, but half the crew are zombified having had no sleep last night, and the other half can't sit still to work without being thrown across the office by the Force 8 gale. Olly

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