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Friday, 6 August 2010


One week today and I will be a very HAPPY man - nearly all our vehicles will be loaded pending our departure from Togo, and I will no longer be fearing that at every pager message and phone call will bring news of yet another breakdown. But today is a very SAD day, because we said goodbye to our faithful local staff. Over the past 6+ months we have been ably assisted by over 200 Togolese men and women, who have acted as translators, cleaners, cooks, dining room staff, laundry staff, engineers, deck hands, mechanics, drivers, security guards and teachers...we simply couldn't be here without them. This afternoon we had a very boisterous service of celebration with them, where we thanked God for bringing them to us for this incredible time in Togo. We will miss them. Goodbye my guys - Peter, Koffi, and Mathieu. And goodbye Andy from Australia, who's been our brilliant head mechanic for the past 4 weeks. I'll miss you too. And thanks for letting me borrow him, Jodie & Jessica. 

After all these years, leaving friends and colleagues behind still isn't any easier. Olly

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Andrew, Jodie & Jessica Rothwell said...

No-THANK YOU for giving Andrew the most amazing experience ever and for trusting him, believing in him and taking him into your family!!We can't wait to have him home but you never know he may be back with me and Jess!