This Blog serves as two things: a photo-diary of our lives between 2007 and mid 2011, when we saw some incredible things and met some amazing people; and a reflection of our more normal lives since then.

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Purest green

Yesterday was our first day ashore exploring Lomé. We visited the Team House and the Hospitality Centre, the Seaman's Mission and the beach, and ended up at a small hotel pool swarming with ship kids. The pool water looked OK, although there was a tell-tale line of green at the water's edge...and sure enough, as the day progressed, our things started to go green too, including my swim shorts and Noah and Anna's HAIR!

A liberal dose of vinegar made the hair blond again, PTL! What an exciting way to start our time in Togo. Olly (and the Vinegar Kids).

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