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Sunday, 21 February 2010

The German Seaman's Mission Lomé

Just outside the Port of Lomé is the German Seaman's Mission, which "attempts in word and deed to bring the message of God's Love to seafarers and their families". The mission has a bus that comes into the port every evening to visit all the ships and take seafarers back to unwind in their pool, or have a meal, or even stay a night in one of the rooms, and there is always a chaplain on hand to meet their spiritual needs too.
They also send their bus into the port on Sundays to take seafarers back to the Mission for services in English, French or German. And since we are technically seafarers, we are welcome to use their facilities too - in fact, they sent their bus to collect all the mums and kids on Friday whilst the school was closed for the day and the dads were at work. Click here for their website. Great work indeed. Olly

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