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Sunday, 15 November 2009

Liberia Electricity Corp's customer base to reach 2000 by year end. Alright!

MONROVIA – Efforts by the Government of Liberia to improve the expansion of electricity to Monrovia and its environs through the Liberia Electricity Corporation received a major boost recently with the arrival of four HUGE transformers, which have been set up at four key Monrovia sub-stations: Kru Town, Bushrod Island, Capitol Hill, and Paynesville sub-stations, thereby increasing the number of electricity users in the capital when made operational. The equipment is a deliverable of the European Commission-funded Monrovia grid rehabilitation project being implemented by ELTEL Networks AB, a Swedish electrical company hired by the European Commission at a total cost of about 13 million Euros. ELTEL has also been rebuilding 27 kilometers of 66/22 Kv transmission and distribution lines from Bushrod Island through Vai Town to central Monrovia, parts of Paynesville and in Gardnersville along the Somalia Drive. The expansion drive by the LEC will see the distribution network increase from 12 kilometers to 45 kilometers to include building additional medium and low voltage lines. LEC's customer base is expected to grow from 700 to more than 2,000 customers by the end of this year. As part of the improvement of the transmission and distribution system, ELTEL Networks is replanting the tubular poles on Somalia Drive, which were uprooted at the commencement of the project, but was erroneously reported in the media as being sold to scrapped dealers. Meanwhile, the Government of Liberia has made available more than US$500,000 to the LEC for the purchase of low voltage materials, some of which have already arrived at the Corporation for the connection of customers. Taken from


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