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Friday, 27 November 2009

Farewell, Day Volunteers

Today was a sad day. We said goodbye to the 200+ local staff (we call Day Volunteers) who have worked with us so hard over the past ten months. They were a great bunch who worked at cooks, cleaners, translators, engine and deck hands, security guards and dining room staff. I found the Celebration we had together before they were disembarked to be very moving, as I looked around and saw all the people we had grown to know and love and rely upon over the past ten months. What faces them now? They will all struggle to find work now, and will no doubt have to rely on their extended families until they are earning again. And what faces us? With so many vital roles previously filled by them now vacant, crew are being re-employed as their departments close down as we move from Field Service mode to sailing mode. Many nurses will become cooks and cleaners for the next couple of months until we return to West Africa and can hire the next bunch of Day Volunteers next year in Togo. Olly

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