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Monday, 23 June 2008

Washing-up bowls

Why do we use washing-up bowls, when the sink has a perfectly good plug? Olly


Anonymous said...

I agree. I hate them, and think they should be banned by international law. I will get my Government onto it at once. George W Bush, USA.

Anonymous said...

I think the washing-up bowl industry is run by aliens, who are trying to take over our planet. HRH QEII, UK.

Anonymous said...

Washing-up bowls in many parts of the developing world have been found to contain water containing traces of several diseases including cholera, and breading mosquitoes. Lets rid the world of these menaces before they kill all our people. Gordon Brown, UK.

D said...

I think actually with a washing up bowl you get at least 3 benefits:
1) Same depth with less water.
2) Better insulated than a steel sink - the water stays hotter longer.
3) You can empty liquids left in items you want to wash down the side of the bowl without contaminating the washing up water.