Monday, 2 June 2008

8 people die at Liberia -v- The Gambia football match

At least eight people died at a football match between Liberia and The Gambia last night, when a metal bar gave way and fans on one tier of a stadium fell on spectators seated in the tier below, a doctor and a rescue worker said. The 33,000-seat Samuel K. Doe Stadium in Monrovia was packed beyond capacity for the game, a qualifying match for the World Cup. Part of the crowd pushed up against the metal bar, causing it to snap. That sent dozens of people plunging to the floor below, witnesses said. The New York Times.
The match finished one-all. We were heading out to celebrate a friend's birthday in town whilst the stadium was emptying. The main road was lined with thousands of cheering fans who were waiting for the Liberian team to drive through the city. All the vehicles coming from the stadium were seriously overloaded, with cheering fans hanging off the sides, sitting on the roof, even sitting on the trunk! I am absolutely amazed that more people didn't die. Olly

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