Saturday, 27 October 2007

A great Saturday out

Today our dedicated Deckies sacrificed their Saturday off, and ran a shuttle service using a life-boat from the ship to a beach within the harbour. Hundreds of crew took advantage and we all enjoyed the swimming, sunbathing, and exploring of the nature reserve that has grown up around the oil refinery and breakwater, right here in the middle of the heaving city of Monrovia. Anna and Sally both got stung by a jelly fish, and one of the ship's officers (hearing Anna's screams) radioed the ship and they sent a nurse over to treat them both. An unbeatable service, eh?
At the same time, some other dedicated crew sacrificed their Saturday and cooked us a barbecue on the dock for evening dinner, which was no easy task for 400 crew. We all enjoyed the good food and fellowship whilst we watched the sun go down. Olly

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