Friday, 10 August 2007

A month goes by...

Its hard to believe, but just over a month has gone by since we moved onto the Africa Mercy. Its been a busy month as we learnt our way around the community and around the huge new ship. We thank God every morning when we wake that we are able to serve the people of West Africa again with Mercy Ships, and I still fall asleep with a silly smile on my face. We continue to find delight in the luxuries of living aboard with 24 hour power, water and electricity, and little things like the constant supply of milk and cheese (which we were unable to keep when we lived ashore without 24 hour electricity). And life is so stress-free after the continually highly stressful life of living ashore. Most of all though, the kids are able to interact with other kids once again, which is a relief to us all. Yes, we are very privileged to be back in the Mercy Ships community again. Olly

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