Saturday, 28 July 2007


Beatrice is one of the patients on our ward who I have been visiting and praying with during her 2 week stay on the ship, who has been leaking urine since 1997, when her seventh baby died after an extremely long and difficult labour. She was left with a large fistula, despite being in one of the best hospitals in Monrovia, and when she returned home she found her husband had left her because of the stigma attached to her problem. Beatrice's surgery on the Africa Mercy has been a success, and yesterday was her “dress ceremony” where she was presented with a new African outfit as a symbol of her new life. She looked beautiful as she gave her testimony of God providing her the opportunity for a new life. She can now walk around dry and proud in the knowledge of God’s provision for her. There was much celebration, singing, drumming and dancing between the patients, translators, ward staff and crew members present. Sally

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