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Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Liberian National Police -v- Liberian Seaport Police

Yesterday, Monday 9th July, the Liberian National Police and the Liberian Seaport Police became bitter rivals in a full scale riot outside the port's main gates, over a disagreement about stolen fuel. Several people we injured by rocks being thrown. Eventually, the UN sent the Ghanaian army in armoured cars, and a full battalion of Indian riot police into the situation to stop the fighting. During the riot, we could not leave the port, but today the area is peaceful. We simply cannot imagine what will become of this country, if it's own police forces fight each other over stolen fuel. I think that after so many years of war, the people here just don't know how to behave peacefully. Please spare a few moments to pray for this most desperate country and its government, who have achieved so little obvious progress since their election. Olly

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