Monday, 30 April 2007

Tree-house Youth Alpha Course

This weekend two incredible things happened at our house: I finally got around to building a tree house for Noah and Anna (which I have been promising them for the last 6 months, I am such a bad dad!), and we hosted the Mercy Ships Youth Alpha Course awayday at our house. We had nine extra people staying over night - 7 Brits and 2 Faroe Islanders - and we had a wonderful time. We were dreading the invasion of sulky teanagers, but instead they were all lively and funny young people who enjoyed chatting to Sally and me, and playing with the children. In the process, maybe another record has been set for unusual places for Alpha Courses - I bet this is the first one that took place in a tree house (in part, anyway). Pictured: Noah, Anna & Libby before the teenage invasion. Olly

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Loni said...

Watch out for snakes in those trees!!! That is still my biggest fear! But the treehouse looks great! When can I come and play?