Thursday, 19 April 2007

People think I'm crazy...

...because I remain a big fan of our ten year old Land Rover, despite its ancient design and lack of sophistication. Its capacity and strength constantly impress me - it can carry 10 people or 20 bags of cement or two full drums of fuel or ten bicycles or huge quantities of timber or...the list is endless. It is easy to fix, parts are easy to come by, it never rusts, and it makes a great climbing frame for the kids...But it really comes into its own when it goes off-road, when it effortlessly climbs over otherwise unpassable roads in low range. As the Liberians say, it is a "strong English car". But Sally doesn't agree with me and would rather be driving the air-conditioned Nissan thats on loan to her from a friend...Olly

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Rob Baker said...

Hi there Peets!

Great blog - we enjoyed perusing your posts.

Olly, we don't think you're crazy driving an old Land Rover - ours is 16 years old and has been extremely reliable and robust! Mind you, parts are a tad pricey here in Benin!

Take care and keep up the good work,

Rob & Lois Baker

PS Is yours a Defender or a Disco? Ours it the latter, but my ambition (Rob)is to own a Defender (not sure Lois agrees!)