Monday, 30 April 2007

Photos of our kids

Some people have been asking what Noah (7), Anna (5) and Libby (2) look like here they are, in our front garden. They are thriving here in Liberia, are coping well with the heat and humidity, enjoy the freedom of home schooling and playing outside all year around, and of course living near the crystal clear ocean also has its advantages. But they continue to be bitten by fire ants and mosquitos, so we'd value your continuing prayers for their comfort, health and well being. Thanks. Olly


Byron Harris said...

Howdee Peets! Love the blog. I check it every day. So, does Anna still know "who's the best?". I think of you often. Love and Blessings, Byron

Loni said...

Oh my GOODNESS how they have grown! Noah, you are such a handsome young man! Anna, you have blossomed into such a beautiful young lady and Libby, what a doll!!!! Thank you for adding a pic of the kids! We sure miss you guys! Love the blog too! Like Byron, I check it daily also, sokeep up the good work! Love you all! : )