Monday, 10 July 2017

Happy Fathers Day (to me)

Child #2 gave me an awesome chocolate & confectionery bar Fathers Day card, which says:

Dad, I hope your Fathers day makes you Snicker(s)!!! I was in a bit of a time Crunch(ie), and, at the moment, living on Buttons. Otherwise I would buy you an Aeroplane to go to New York(ie) or maybe even take a trip around the Galaxy and the Milky Way. But for now I just want to Wispa that I LOVE YOU!!! and tell you that you are my Star(burst). Enjoy your Munch(ies) but don't eat them all at once or you might Rolo-ver and get very sick! Love your Smartie(s)-pants daughter, Anna. 

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Anonymous said...

How sweet- lovely girl!