Monday, 11 December 2017


The year in photos:

In February, Hannah from Florida came to live with us for 6 months, whilst volunteering with Oddments Theatre Co in Yeovil. She was (is) great fun and the girls loved her. 

We were visited by ship friends: below, us and the Samaraweera family (en route to Texas from the Africa Mercy), and Jesse with malaria (en route to Canada from the Congo):

and more ship friends - the Yangas family:

Libby had her ears pierced:

We attended New Wine - Britain's leading week-long Christian camp/conference thing - which is always awesome - but unfortunately it was the wettest week in the organisations 28 year history:

And we were blessed with 2 amazing holidays overseas, the first in Spanish Minorca, in the Med:

...where Anna spent a lot of time leaping off high cliffs!

and the second in Tenerife, with Olly's parents and brother's family:

Libby continues to swim, and is progressing through the ranks. Here she is, doing the butterfly. She trains 7 or 8 times a week.

And Noah had his 18th birthday.

Olly's job has changed a bit - the school he works for has taken over another school, just outside Yeovil, so he spends his time between the two sites. The new site is in beautiful countryside, and includes a magnificent stately home in 28 acres of land. 

Sally continues to work as a Speech Therapist and Teaching Assistant, and is making a real difference in children's lives! I am constantly in awe of how she juggles work life, with our 3 kids!

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