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Sunday, 17 January 2016

The Dirty Devil Stampede

My first competitive race of 2016 was the BustinSkin Dirty Devil Stampede that Mr Gates and I ran today at Bovington Tank Range in Dorset. In f-f-f-freezing cold 4 degree weather we ran 10 kilometres in deep mud, freezing thigh-deep water, and up and down tank berms (I think thats what they are called).

Below, me running through the first wet bit:

Below, me running through...another...wet bit, with Mr Gates on the left in the grey t-shirt:

Below, some dude falling over in a muddy bit:

Below, some other dude falling over in a wet bit. Total wipeout:

Below, climbing a tank berm:

Below, more mud:

Below, at the end. Rick got a lot wetter than I did. 

Brilliant fun. Time 56 minutes and 30 seconds, in 62nd place and 63rd place (out of 322 runners - not bad eh). Olly

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