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Sunday, 17 January 2016

Diving the Mercy

I've just stumbled across a Vimeo video made by the current Dive Team on the Africa Mercy in Madagascar. Watch it here. Those lucky, lucky divers: they are diving in crystal clear water, with beautiful tropical fish and great visibility - a whole world apart from the sewers I used to dive in, in West Africa. So good luck, guys, when you arrive in Benin later this year and won't even be able to see your hands in front of your face in those filthy, polluted, garbage filled waters. Olly


Anonymous said...

Hey Olly,

Someone reads your blog!!!

But not very often :-)!!! ha ha.

Good to see you all looking so happy.

Richard (ships engineer whilst in Togo).

Anonymous said...

I read your blog dad!

Mick dunne said...

First dive in Benin, visibility was 15 cm. it has improved to up to 2 metres. Lots of rubbish though.