Friday, 1 August 2014

R.I.P. Bobby Weah

This is my good mate Bobby Weah. He worked for me back in 2006 when we lived ashore in Monrovia. He always worked REALLY hard, and no job was too much trouble for him. If I remember rightly he lost his family during the war, and was homeless. He had an amazing American rapper accent, which I can only assume he got from watching American music videos.

I learned today that he has died of Ebola. Apparently he was one of the bleach teams at ELWA Hospital, but contracted the disease and died. RIP Bobby. Olly

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Anonymous said...

Hey Ollie--just checked your blog, thinking about Ebola. It's heartbreaking to read about it in the news here, and see the loss of your friend. Wish we could do something. We pray for our brothers and sisters there.

Craig Albrecht