Sunday, 10 August 2014

New Wine

We have just returned from an AWESOME week at New Wine. And what a week! 15,000 people in the glorious Somerset countryside, in quite good weather too, worshipping and learning all about our great God!

Below, view across the campsite towards the massive Soul Survivor marquee which begins week commencing 11th August.

Below, inside The Arena, with 6,000 other people with worship led by none other than Martin Smith.

Below, in Libby's kids club (Rock Solid) with a genuine Series 3 Land Rover as part of the stage...

...and with a gunge tank! The site is the home to the Royal Bath & West Agricultural Show, so there are usually cows on display in these buildings; the army of New Wine kids leaders did an amazing job of converting them into very cool venues for the kids. 

Yeah, it was an awesome week and now we're suffering from that post-festival low that follows such an event. And yeah, we'll be booking tickets soon for 2015! Olly

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