Tuesday, 12 July 2011

How the UK has changed

Here's what I've noticed about changes in the UK over the last 5 years:

G4S: the new name for Group 4 Security.
No more Woolworths.
No more Abbey National.
Milk in bags.
Food products "proudly British"
Chocolate products "fair trade"
Beer £3.50 a pint!
Bread £1.30 a loaf!
Trees have grown
Houses have shrunk
More coffee shops
Less slim people
Roads are longer
Traffic jams more common

This is an ill-founded work in progress. Olly


Jess Chandler said...

HELLO! I couldn't find a 'general question' box, so hoping it's ok to ask here!
I was given your Blog by C and T Short... I am hopefully flying out to the ship on 15th August (excited is not a big enough word)!!!!
Just wondering, I have to fill out a form asking how mjuch I intend to spend on 'personal expenses' whilst on the ship! How much would you say the "average" person would spend?
Many thanks, and God bless,
Jess Chandler x

Anonymous said...

Olly, do you still have Mercy Ships email?
rgds, Richard