Saturday, 2 July 2011

Farewell Mercy Ships

From the day one joins Mercy Ships, one thing hangs heavy over you: the day you will have to leave. And that day came on Thursday 30th June, when after nearly 8 years with Mercy Ships we became civilians once again and walked down the gangway for the last time. Thanks Murray for the great photo of us all with Tim (left) and Murray (right) in uniform as we are about the get on the ferry to get to the airport.

We had an incredibly good journey home, making all the connections and arriving at Heathrow on time. Praise God that nothing went wrong. And now back to life; back to reality...Olly


Andrew, Jodie and Jessica Rothwell said...

So glad to hear you guys are home without a hitch. I'm sure you are going through a million emotions right now. Your first sentence is very apt!! I dread the day!

The Clan said...

Glad you got home ok. You are missed onboard and thanks again for being such good chums. Hopefully we'll meet up on good old brtitish soil at some point in the future. I pleased all the Americans today by announcing that the 4th July was a British holiday to celebrate us getting rid of the Americas:-)One more announcement like that and I may be on your doorstep with a sleeping bag!!


EB said...

Well said.

Sher Sutherland said...

How true your comment "From the day one joins Mercy Ships..." I talked with Noah a bit about going home and what he thought would be the best and worst of it. I'm praying for your transition and patience for all. And better weather in the UK!