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Saturday, 26 March 2011

Successful screening

Today we had our second medical screening in Sierra Leone, and it was a success. Our leadership has spent the last couple of weeks studying the lessons learnt at the disastrous screening at the national stadium nearly 3 weeks ago, and today ran like clockwork. We had people at the screening site from mid afternoon yesterday, and the majority of crew joined them before dawn this morning.

Above, an orderly line, patrolled by nurses and security crew.

It was a long hot day, but 500 patients were examined and given appointment cards. Sally worked with the maxillo-facial surgeons, and found several patients that she will be able to help with, and I was the logistics coordinator and oversaw food, site facilities, electrical supply, drivers and vehicles, tents, table & chairs etc etc - in fact, everything needed for 200 crew to operate a successful screening off-ship. Our doctors saw one guy with an infection in his mouth that had spread to his jaw over the last 4 days, and he literally had only 24 hours to go before he would have died. One of our drivers collected strong intravenous antibiotics from the ship's pharmacy, so hopefully he will recover after his emergency surgery tomorrow at a local hospital. Anyway, thank you for praying for us and this day. Olly

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