Sunday, 27 March 2011

More Freetown old houses

We've got three Abdul Conteh's working for us at the moment, two of whom are drivers! Gets very confusing. Anyway, Abdul (Sr) was driving me through town yesterday (here he is)... I had plenty of opportunity to take more photos of the fantastic old colonial buildings that are found all over the city. Nearly every one is in poor condition, and many are in total ruins with nothing left but the ground floor wall and doorway, but I can imagine how they were once.

Below: stone and timber loft rooms with sliding sash windows still intact:

Below: timber. A miracle it has survived the war:

Below: more stone, with a shop conversion now occupying the ground floor, adjacent to a more modern concrete building (yuk):

Below: brick with cement render. Under each window you can still see carved stonework. The sash windows on the second floor have been replaced by more modern steel framed windows. now occupied by squatters:

Another fascinating blog entry by Olly.

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