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Thursday, 28 January 2010

A fascinating shipping container

Is there such a thing? I saw this one yesterday with regular doors at one end and also doors in the side (below). I've never seen one like this before. Fascinating. Maybe there's a container fan out there who can tell me what it's used for. Olly


Peeter Benjamin said...

Hi there

So, the Marleen container you show in your foto is a specialist container primarily used in the far east when docks are to crowded to have the regular container. The doors are designed to side load in confined areas. Also the good thing is that the doors can be opened when the container is in transit easily. Often these containers do not have bonded seals as they contain consumables for the voyage. The have also been known to be used for transporting long items which need to be checked during transit, such as antiquities, military hardware or giraffes (only joke)hence the side doors. Check out, or for further info. Hope this helps.

PB, Hamburg. Germany

Anonymous said...

Hi Olly, google markleen and you see oil spil stuff so I think fast access to lot of needed stuff.

Regards oebele