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Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Deck 8 work continues...

Remember the old Mercy Ships logo on the funnel?

It has been cut off, and the funnel is now being painted blue in preparation for the arrival of the new logo:

Meanwhile, installation of the pool continues: as you can see below it now has a platform all around it, handrails and stairs. In the next day or two the welding contractors will finish, and hand over to our own steelworkers, plumbers and electricians, who will install the pump and filtration system, lighting, fresh water supply etc etc.

The children's paddling pool (front left: you can see the scorch-marks from the cutting torch) is being removed (sorry Lee); the site will be cleaned and the climbing frame will be re-erected in it's place.

All before we sail on 31st January? I do hope so! Olly

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