Saturday, 23 April 2016

Me, diving gain

Today, my new dive buddy and I partook in a shore dive from Chesil Cove, Dorsetshire. And oh my gosh, how hard it was. Forget 35 degrees C water, today it was 10 degrees. And diving in a drysuit with gloves and hood. With 42 pounds of weights (I know, I got this really wrong, should have been more like 20 pounds)...
And with a heavy steel cylinder.

So I came out of the sea after 40 minutes  with numb hands and a numb face, and couldn't even stand (wave/weight combination) and couldn't get my gear off to get out of the waves (numb hands/wave combination) and eventually, having being dragged out of the surf by my buddy, I didn't even have the energy to remove my gloves. Talk about exhausting, 

Note to self:

Dry suit leaks. Needs attention.
BCD doesn't inflate. Needs attention.
Too much weight. Needs attention. 
Too many under-layer? Needs attention.

Anyway, I didn't die. So, that's good. 


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