Thursday, 31 March 2016

Long Live B.S.T.

In the wee small hours of Sunday, our clocks moved forward an hour, signalling the beginning of British Summer Time! So what better way of celebrating than our first 'van trip of the year, in the freezing rain and howling winds. 

We went to Oathill Farm Holiday and Touring Park just outside Crewkerne - lovely little place - and had a brill time despite the weather. Only had 2 nights away instead of 3 - our first night away - originally at The Inside Park, was cancelled due to torrential rain flooding our pitch before we got there, so we had to sacrifice a night and find a new location on Easter Sunday morning. My favourite child (Anna) was amazing, as always! She helped out a lot and showed off her amazingness by helping people over the  cliffs on the amazingly wet walk. However much I write about her, you could never understand how much I truly do adore that child. She is more perfect than you (unless you are Jesus). 

Below, our two Hymers Swings:

Below: Noah and Dodge have their GCSE exams this coming May & June, so they had to spend many hours revising in the warmth of our 'van, poor chaps.

Below, West Bay from the gert big hill that Anna so helpfully wrote about earlier. Our walk to Burton Bradstock was cut short by horizontal, torrential rain. Lovely.

Well I guess the weather was to be expected; Easter is early this year. Lets hope it warms up soon so our next trips out are warm(er) and dry(er). Apparently Easter will be later next year, so maybe we'll have a warm start to 2017 'vanning.

Olly (with a little help from Anna, can you guess which bit she wrote?).

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