Thursday, 16 August 2012

2012 Dutch Festival of Ice Cream and Pringles

We're just back from 2 weeks in Holland, where we house-sat for Sally's sister and had a great time cycling around, and eating ice cream and Pringles. We also met up with Dutch and German friends...the Samarawera's (ex-Caribbean Mercy and current Africa Mercy): Rick and Noah eating ice cream below):

...the Eveleens (ex-Anastasis and ex-Africa Mercy): Sally, Libby, Norah, Anna, Joyce, Danique and Annette eating ice cream below:

...and the Kronesters (ex-Caribbean Mercy, ex-Anastasis, ex-Africa Mercy and currently with Mercy Ships Germany): Jana, Anna and Kim Anna eating Pringles below:


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eveleens said...

What a nice picture!! We've enjoyed the day together soo much! Look at Joyce and Anna sitting next to each other just like 8 years ago!
Bye bye!