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Saturday, 9 April 2011

Water shortage

During the last few days our water consumption has increased, despite more and more restrictions. Maybe there is a leak somewhere, but the end result is that we are consuming more water than can be pumped aboard. Today the Captain made the decision to turn off the ship's water - which meant no running water or even flushing toilets for a while...

...but later in the day the water was turned on again, although we still can't shower. Everyone returned hot and sweaty from their day in the city, and must remain so until we have enough water. So PLEASE PRAY! That we get plenty of water from ashore; that our consumption goes down, and that the restrictions will be lifted very soon. Thanks. Olly


Anonymous said...

Curious if this has ever happened to you in all the years you have served on board?

The Peet Family said...

I've never seen this before in our 7 years with Mercy Ships. The Africa Mercy has less fresh water tanks than the Anastasis, and a fresh-water flushing system, and more crew, so I think it was inevitable. What we really need is a desalinization plant...Olly