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Monday, 26 July 2010

Liberian feast

This evening we joined the Africa Mercy's nine Liberian crew members in celebrating their country's Independence Day. Liberia was the first country in Africa to become a republic, gaining independence from America in 1847.

Anyway, Chris and Oretha spent the whole day cooking a selection of Liberian dishes, including my absolute favourite, rice and potato greens (below):

Below, African chicken and jollof rice, and a bowl of spicy Liberian peppers:

Below, 7 out of 9 of our Liberians; Wablo, Chris, Gregory, Eddie, Libby, Oretha, and Sieh.

There was enough food to allow Libby and me to plate up more fish and greens for dinner tomorrow! Happy Birthday Liberia. Olly


Anonymous said...

great post Olly - Happy Liberian Independence day - give Libby a hug from me....and Sally too for that matter - Bren xxxx

Tyrone B, said...

Oh man did Oretha make those spicy mixed beans with chicken feet in them? I love that, and the Chicken and Pumpkin dish/stew she makes, YUM!