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Thursday, 18 March 2010

An unfortunate incident

This afternoon, at the market with one of my local staff, I used a "urinoir" - a wooden booth with a bidet (yes, a bidet) in which one urinates - for 25 cfa (3 pence or 5 cents). The urine went through a hose into a 25 litre plastic barrel, which was emptied at regular intervals. Understandably, the booth stank and there was no toilet paper or water for washing hands. An hour later my friend said he needed "to relieve himself" and he disappeared in a urinoir, to come out five minutes later to confess that he'd been taken ill and had explosive diarrhoea in the bidet, and was unable to clean himself or wash the bidet. Poor guy. The urinoir staff were not to happy, and we had to pay a fine of 2000 cfa. C'est Afrique. Olly

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